Lighting Innovations
Our LED lighting system is designed to add curb appeal and the mood and ambience that you need for your home. The system is designed to enhance features of your home and for functional lighting for decks, patios, walkways, driveways, gardens and any other application imaginable.

This DelphiTech system can be quickly retro-fitted on an existing home as well as added to any new home construction. In most cases, the costs will be less than if a large home builder installed old-fashioned potlights and coach lights, which is significant because the DelphiTech system wil be dramatically more effective. There are no bulbs to change, the lights are virtually maintenance free, unbreakable and will last for years. At just pennies a day in operating costs, this will result in significant savings over the years as well as enhancing real estate values! The DelphiTech system can be used for excellent security lighting since it is fully automatic. Operating on a timer that changes time as the clocks change, no need for adjustments.

We begin by providing a live lighting demonstration on your home followed by a design session with the homeowner. You will discover that we do this because the difference between conventional lighting and the DelphiTech system is so dramatic that you have to see it to believe it! After the installation is completed, we will do a final lighting focus, after dark, to check that the lighting positions are what we set out to achieve.

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Indoor LED Lighting and Replacement Bulbs
Go to link at the side, LED Brands, to see what is available. Many replacement bulbs are Energy Star qualified and will qualify for the SaveOnEnergy grants available when retrofitting lighting in the home or office, Make your own website